Botox in Burbank, CA

1. How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work?

Over a period of years, facial movements create lines and wrinkles of the skin that can make us appear older or sometimes convey the wrong impression of our mood (such as making us appear angry when we are not). Botox is a medication that reduces and potentially eliminates wrinkles of the face caused by the natural muscle movements that we all have. The injection of Botox to a problem area causes the target muscle to enter a period of relaxation that lasts 4 months, resulting in a much smoother appearance of the skin. If Botox is injected with expertise, it has the ability to smooth without creating the stereotypical “frozen” or unnatural look that most people wish to avoid. It has been in use cosmetically for over 15 years in the US, and has an excellent safety record.

2. Who Is A Good Candidate For BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Botox can be effective in any adult patient who has facial muscle activity that causes wrinkling or lines that he/she would like to eliminate. When it was first released, the trend seemed to reflect interest in mostly middle-aged and older individuals. More recently, younger patients have been seeking these treatments to help prevent changes of aging before they develop or worsen. When it comes to wrinkling or creasing of the skin, the earlier the treatment starts, the more effectively the wrinkling can be reversed. Nowadays, it is not unusual for me to see patients in consultation under the age of 30.

3. When Will I See Results From A BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment?

Because of the way that Botox works at the cellular level, the effects of the injection kick in after a short delay. Interestingly, the amount of time that it takes to work varies from person to person, and is not predictable until a patient receives their first treatment. Results can be seen as early as several days, or as late as a week or so. It definitely pays to be patient in waiting for those benefits. After the effects begin, they tend to continue to strengthen for the first few weeks, and then they remain at that effectiveness level for most of the full term, which is about 4 months. Since Botox has such a good track record and has been used literally millions of times, we can predict its effect well enough to keep our patients on a scheduled routine so they can achieve the maximal long-term anti-aging benefits of the treatments.

4. How Long Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Last? Are BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections Painful?

Botox injections are really quite easy for patients to receive. The medication is prepared and diluted by Dr. Berger after a specific treatment plan and dosing amount are established. An excellent plan is the foundation of great results, and each treatment plan must be individualized. The Botox is diluted in a saline solution, which is very comfortable to inject. Dr. Berger uses several techniques to keep discomfort to a minimum, such as using very tiny needles that are designed for comfort. The time required for the injections is quite short, and most patients can be treated in under 2 or 3 minutes once the medication has been prepared and placed in the syringes.

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