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Kybella is a unique medication that can improve the appearance of the neck by reducing fullness and fat below the chin and in the upper neck.  It is available to physicians specifically designated to obtain the medication from the manufacturer, Allergan.  Kybella is injected directly into the areas of fat excess, and the fat dissolves in a gradual fashion over subsequent weeks.  Depending upon the amount of fat present and individual patient response, it may be necessary to treat the area more than once, generally spacing treatments six weeks apart.  The fat that is eliminated may not ever return, particularly if a patient’s weight and metabolism remain stable.  Risks of the treatment are generally low, and should be discussed with your doctor.  Bruising is reasonably common, but usually resolves nicely with time.

Because treatment with Kybella is a cosmetic procedure requiring the physician to “map” out the treatment area, and because a safe treatment requires knowledge of anatomy including branches of the facial nerve, we advocate that patients seek a board-certified Plastic Surgeon in receiving Kybella therapy.  The other tremendous advantage of seeking consultation with a Plastic Surgeon is having the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of Kybella therapy versus liposuction as two alternative solutions to the problem neck.

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