Microneedling In Burbank, CA

What Is Microneedling And What Will It Do For Me?

Microneedling is an in-office medical treatment wherein a special device is used to create many tiny openings or “micro-channels” in the skin to stimulate collagen and the release of growth factors. The purpose is to improve skin quality, appearance, and texture, with an overall goal of looking younger and smoother. Scientific studies show that microneedling changes both the amount of new collagen produced and the pattern of it in the skin. Also, changes in the skin cell layers can result in much better skin appearance.

What Is PRP?

PRP is an abbreviation for “platelet-rich plasma.” It is a serum created from your own blood, which can be taken and processed easily while you are in the office having your microneedling treatment. Basically, a small blood sample is taken, certain cells are separated by rapidly spinning the blood in a centrifuge, and then the final serum is created with a few additional steps. The result is a remarkable serum that some refer to as “liquid gold;” and it contains high amounts of growth factors and stimulators.

How Do Microneedling And PRP Work Together?

Commonly, the PRP is used as a topical “booster” with the microneedling. As the treatment is carried out, the PRP is placed on the skin surface and the small microchannels allow the PRP to penetrate through the outer skin layer and absorb. This acts to stimulate a greater response from the treatment by infusing more growth factors and blood flow stimulators. PRP can also be injected directly under the skin for rejuvenation and other benefits.

Does Microneedling Hurt?

A full session of microneedling with PRP takes about an hour in office. A powerful numbing cream is used to ensure comfort during the process, and the PRP serum is created from your blood specimen while you wait. The microneedling process begins after numbing is completed, and it takes only about 20 minutes to complete. Most of our patients describe tingling and vibrations that feel more like “buzzing” than pain. Aftercare at home is very easy, and we have a few special products to optimize your experience.

What Will I Look Like After The Procedure, And How Fast Will I Heal?

How you look when you leave the office depends on the depth of the treatment. Even the deepest treatments, however, heal very quickly. You may have heard that some people look like a “vampire” when they finish this procedure. The amount of redness depends on how deep the micro-channels are, which is very controllable with the equipment. More shallow treatment means less redness, and looking normal in just a couple of days. Many patients undergo this treatment on a Friday, for example, and are back at work on Monday.

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